What We Do

WhiteRata specialise in providing advanced field based technology solutions for conservation projects. We can also help you to collect the right data to plan your work and monitor the results. Simple and easy to use, our solutions are customised to suit your project.

Advanced Technology Solutions

WhiteRata help you and your team to implement mobile technology to identify species, locate target species, plan and record work. Examples of data collected are trapping records, plant pest surveys, bird monitoring, recording volunteer hours and health & safety sign-ins.

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Monitoring & Surveys

WhiteRata use field based GIS technology (mobile solutions) to carry out regular monitoring and surveys for plants & birds. If you and your team need help to get you started with the right protocols or to regularly monitor and audit results let us know.

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Plant Pest Specialists

WhiteRata help you to plan and manage the implementation of pest plant control programmes. We work with you to survey the area for plant pests, determine the key threats and provide a work plan (recommended approach) for control.

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