Cost of service

Community Conservation Rates (excluding GST, accommodation and/or travel) are:

  • $50 per hour

Travel/Accommodation for work outside of Whangarei District Area is $100/day or trip.

- - -


Project: Pest Plant Survey & Planning

Area: 100 acres within Whangarei District

One Off Cost Estimate: $300-400 plus GST

Description of work:

Visit site to identify different habitats, survey samples of each habitat (recording species, area, density and phenology) and GPS mark key plant pests (4-6 hrs)

Report on immediate threats and create a work plan for weed control (2 hrs)


Project: Customise App Set-up and Train Community Conservation Group

Area: Hokianga

One Off Cost Estimate: $500 plus GST, made up of $400 for 8 hrs plus $100 in travel/accommodation.

Description of work:

Work remotely with team representatives to set up customised mobile solutions to collect trapping records, pest plant records, bird (key species) monitoring records, volunteer hours and health & safety sign-ins. (3hrs)

Travel to site and train volunteers and representatives to use the app to collect the data in the field (3hrs)

Train key administrators to export and upload the data sets to TrapNZ and eBirds NZ Bird Atlas Project, provide phone support (2hrs)


nb Locale Central pricing plans for ongoing monthly costs to use the app can be found here