Bird Monitoring - Targeted 5 Minute Bird Counts

March 4th 2020

"Targeted 5 Minute Bird Counts" are being adopted by some landcare groups as a way of measuring the effectiveness of their animal pest control, plant pest control and restoration projects. Its a great place to start for people who don't quite have the confidence in being able to identify the full range of birds in their area.

Targeted 5 Minute Bird Counts follow the same protocol as 5 minute bird counts, in terms of the way the survey is carried out, with set stations 200m apart from each other, stopping for a minute or so to catch you breath then setting your timer for 5 minutes for you to record birds that you can see and hear during that time.

Where the Targeted 5 Minute Bird Counts differ from the standard 5 Minute Bird Counts is that they only target a set number of bird species eg. fantail, grey warbler, kukupa, kingfisher, tomtit, tui, kaka, and bellbird.

The birds you target will depend on the habitats your landcare group covers, here are some examples:

  • Forests | Kukupa, Tui, Kaka, Grey Warbler, Silver Eye, Fantail, NI Robin, Tomtit, Bellbird
  • Shrublands | Fantail, Grey Warbler, Tomtit, Silver Eye, Popokatea/Whitehead
  • Wetlands | Matata/Fern Bird, Matuku/Australasian Bittern, Pateke/Brown Teal, Spotless Crake, Banded Rail
  • Shoreline | NZ Dotterel, Banded Dotterel, Variable Oyster Catchers, Black Backed Gull, Red Billed Gull, Godwit, Wrybill
  • Estuaries | Reef Heron, White-faced Heron, Royal Spoonbill, Pied Stilt, Dotterel (NZ or Banded), Pied Shag, Black Shag
  • Rivers | Pateke/Brown Teal, Kotare/Kingfisher, Pied Shag

Let us know if you and your team would like help in getting Targeted 5 Minute Bird Counts started.